“Willow Swim lives for long summer days, sandy hair and the wonder of a childhood spent by the water, going on adventures and losing track of time.” 

Born on the shores of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Willow Swim is a reflection of the life and style of its founder, Victoria Lucas and her daughter’s, Willow and Olive. Victoria is a mother, sister, daughter and entrepreneur with a background in floristry, art and early years education. 

Victoria recalls memories of her childhood whiling away the days either by the pool or at the beach with her four sisters. 

With a love for days by the water, losing track of time and endless adventures with her little ones, when Victoria was struggling to find beautiful, simple and  high-quality swimwear for her little ones, she envisioned a children’s line with an elevated feel and easy breezy, coastal vibe. 

Having grown up by the beach in Sydney, it’s no surprise that Willow Swim exudes a polished yet playful look with its timeless simple styles with sweet details. Think elegant colour palettes, thoughtful details, custom prints and high-quality materials. 

Designed with longevity and sun safety in mind, Victoria ensures each piece is crafted using high-quality fabrics with UPV50+ and includes rashie styles in each collection.

Welcome to the carefree world of Willow Swim.