4 things to look for when buying children’s swimwear

When it comes to buying swimwear for children, you need to think about more than just the style and print (although these things are important, too).

For example, have you ever been caught rushing to get your child ready for swimming lessons and for the life of you, you just can’t get the swimming costume on? 

Kids at beach in Willow Swim new spring summer childrens swimwear Paper Flowers

Boy wear Harrison Set in Cloud Gingham, $69, and girl wears the Gracie in Peachy Gingham, $65.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Getting some costumes on can been like solving a Rubik’s Cube. 

So, as well as looking for swimwear that's easy to get on and off, you'll also want to consider something that's made from a sun safe fabric and a material that is going to last more than one season.

Here we take a look at four tips for buying swimwear for children.

1 // Sun-smart designs

Children have precious skin so you’ll want to shop for swimwear that's going to protect them as best as possible. Think a material that offers an SPF. All Willow Swim cossies are made from a high-quality SPF 50+ material.

And our most-popular styles – Sophia, Allegra, and the Harrison set – have long sleeves, meaning they cover up precious little arms much like a rash vest does.

Willow Swim kids on beach playing - how to buy swimwear for kids

Boy wears Harrison Set in Cloud Gingham, $69, and girl wears the Gracie in Peachy Gingham, $65.

2 // Something built to last

All mamas out there will know that kids often play rough and tumble and unfortunately their clothes often pay the price. So, it goes without saying that if you want something to last, you need to look for durable, high-quality materials. 

This is especially true for children’s swimwear, as sand, surf, sun cream and running around at the beach or pool is quite the combo for swimmers to withstand. 

This is why Willow Swim makes all of its swimwear from a blended fabric that's designed to last. The composition is made up of 80% recycled polyester and 20% Lycra. The swimwear is also lined for added comfort and durability.

Girl jumping at beach wearing Willow Swim Sophia embroidery swimsuit

Model wears Sophia in Blossom, $86.

3 // Easy to get on an off

You haven’t lived until you’ve wrestled a 10 to 15 kilo toddler trying to get them dressed when all they want to do is run away. And we're just talking about a T-shirt and tights combo. YEP, swimwear can be a pain to get on and off little ones.

To make your life easier, look for swimwear that will work with you when it comes to dressing your child. Think zippers, straps that are easy to pull on and off and generous openings for the neck.

Girl seating outside beach house wearing Willow Swim childrens swimwear

Model wears Sophia in Peachy Gingham, $70.

4 // A little fun

Whether it’s a popping blue colour or a fun print, it’s important that swimwear offers a little fun, too.

Having said this, you also want to choose a swimsuit that isn’t going to go out of fashion after one season. Because even if your little one outgrows their swimsuit, you can pass it down. (How good are hand-me-downs?!)

Girl on beach wearing Willow Swim childrens swimsuit hat and sunglasses

Gracie in Peachy Gingham, $65.

We might be biased, but we love the timeless prints and colours from our new "Paper Flowers" collection. Whether you're seaside or poolside, the Paper Flowers collection is all about capturing that holiday feeling - building sandcastles, playing hide and seek and losing track of time.

Featuring florals, peach or blue-grey gingham, sea foam green and broderie anglaise, each of the pieces celebrates the best of summer with a little hint of the relaxed Australian way of life.

To shop the sun safe and high-quality children's swimwear, check out the new Paper Flowers collection now.