Willow Swim children’s swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles

We are pleased to announce that a number of Willow Swim children’s swimwear are now made from recycled plastic bottles. 

With sustainability now a much bigger – and vital – part of our lives and the fashion conversation, we want to ensure we are doing all that we can to go sustainable and do whatever little bit we can to help protect the planet.

The good news is, with a growing number of brands wanting to “go green” there are now some pretty high-tech solutions when it comes to fabrications and this means there doesn’t have to be a compromise on style.

In other words, you will see the same attention to detail and high-quality Willow Swim pieces, it’s just that some are now made from a material that was created using recycled plastic bottles.

So how is Willow Swim children’s swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles?

The plastic bottle recycling process includes:

  • Collecting the bottles
  • Cutting and high-temperature cleaning
  • A high-tech process where the bottles are turned into a granulation fiber
  • The granulated fiber is then turned into a woven fabrication
  • From here the fabric undergoes the digital printing process with our Willow Swim prints and then goes through the usual pattern and sewing process.

Which Willow Swim children’s swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles?

  1. Sophia in Peachy Gingham, $69

  1. Sophia in Falling Flowers


  1. Allegra in Rosie's Garden, $69


  1. Jasper Boardies in Sea Foam, $48


  1. Harrison Top in Sea Foam, $46


  1. Swim Hats, $39